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Evening Open Space - Lightening Talks, Code Reviews

Evening Open Space 19th May 2016

This month seen a return to the evening open space format where some excellent lightening talks kick off the night.

The lightening talks kicked off with Brian Matthews giving an overview of a maven plugin that he started some years back that can be used for integration tests that rely on an LDAP server. He gave some insights into how he handled dependency resolution dynamically.


Details here: ldap-plugin

Next up was Colin Graham giving a talk about his testing framework ‘Contract’. Very extensible testing framework for tesing http clients and servers. If you have used wiremock, it is similar but more extensible.


Heres a link to the docs: Contact Testing Framework

Presentation slides: Contract Slides

Finally Joe Bentley finished off the evenings lightening talk with a brief intro to property based testing. If you have never heard of property based testing, it’s typically one property-based test runs hundreds of times with different inputs. The testing framework will try to get the test to fail by passing empty lists, negative values, all the possible edges cases. It’ll pass in long lists and high numbers and strings with special characters.


Presentation slides: Property Based Testing

The rest of the evening followed the ‘unconference’ format where we all voted on the following topics:


### Pairing/Code Reviews was the clean winner.

Really interesting discussion here. Opinions divided whether pairing should be done instead of code reviews. Most agreed that pairing on it’s own was quite silod and should have at least another opinion.

Code review key points:



Other comments:

Best case

Great discussion as always.

Other photos from the evening conversation.jpg intro.jpeg

Special thanks again to Barry Alistair in Techmeetup.space for providing the excellent venue. Also, thanks to Gerry from Stack and Co for sponsoring the craft beers for the evening. intro.jpeg stackandco.png