Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community

Baby Steps!

This month was more of a hands on session for the Dublin Software Craftsmanship meetup. A group of about a dozen developers of varying experience gave up their Thursday night to pair through a problem with a small caveat. You had to commit regularly or lose your code!

The premise was simple, you pair through a problem in the language of your choice. You write a test first which obviously goes Red. Next you start a timer. 2 minutes on the clock, make that test green or revert your code to your last commit. 2 minutes pass, if your tests are failing you revert your code and try again. All green you think about refactoring and continue the above cycle.

This little challenge took the idea of continuous delivery and continuous integration to the extreme. It was an entire sprint compacted into a 30 minute challenge that hopefully made people think about how long and how much code they were writing between commits.

Committing often and small logical changes makes your commit log into its own documentation. Each change is clearly outline and visible, as apposed to one giant commit at the end of a day.

Once again thank you very much to TCube for providing the great space in such a great location

Some of the solutions from the evening:

Some pics from the evening